Professional Coral Photography Lens Kit

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Using a phone to take pictures of a saltwater aquarium can be difficult with the high amount of blue that is emitted from the light. Taking a decent picture usually requires changing your lighting spectrum and playing with your camera's settings. Professional photographers use colored filters to accentuate colors, and shooting photos of reef tanks are no different. Just clip the Reefing Art Professional Photography Lens onto your phone, attach your preferred filter lens and start showing off your corals and fish!

What's include:

1x Lens Holder Clip         1x Lens Cap       1x Cleaning Cloth       1 x Storage Pack

6 Stackable Lenses:

1x 15k Filter Lens        1x 20k Filter Lens       1x Gradual Orange Lens

1x Gradual Yellow Lens       1x Macro10X Lens       1x CPL Lens



Lens holder clip and all lens have aluminum threads. Simply screw lens on the holder clip. Lenses can be installed on Clip in different combinations.


Which Lens to use:

Every aquarium lighting is different. Try different combinations to find the best fit for your own tank.  

Reefing Art recommend combination:

Gradual Orange Lens + Gradual yellow Lens + Macro10X(if necessary)

15K Filter Lens & Gradual Orange Lens: Filter out blue light, create a warm color close to 15k lighting.   Gradual lens can adjust degree by rotating the lens.

20K Filter Lens & Gradual yellow Lens: Filter out blue light, create a whitish color close to 20k lighting.   Gradual lens can adjust degree by rotating the lens.

Macro10X: Stack behind other colored lens, capture sharp details of small corals.

CPL Lens: Reduce reflection from glass. Add to the combination when there is reflection on glass.