Regular Suction Cups / Hanger Acrylic Acclimation Box

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Suction Cup Acrylic Acclimation Box 

For Freshwater and Saltwater open top aquariums

Acclimating / Holding / Quarantine / Breeding / Displaying Fish, Plants, Corals

Detail about this product:

  •          Heavy Duty suction cups holds up to 10lb, fit on most Aquariums.
  •          Acrylic hangers fit on rimless & rimed aquariums.
  •          Easy 5 mins assembly ( first time may take longer to remove protection layers) Can be assembled and disassembled completely for cleaning and          transportation.
  •          Removable / flappable lid with feeding window and lock. For easy access and prevent fish from jumping out.
  •          Removable dividers, adjust number and size of chambers for different needs.
  •          New design with 1.5mm slits. More flow = healthier fish.

1 year limited warranty for all reefing art acrylic products.