Vertical Coral Frag Rack

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Check out Reefing Art's new invention: Vertical Coral Frag Rack !

Hang on back of your aquarium, taking only 2.5 inch of the dead space from the back wall. Holding up to 84 frags


- laser cut cell cast acrylic

- Adjustable hangers fit on both rimless, and rimmed aquarium with trim up to 1.5" thick

- Adjustable angle of each rack from horizontal to 30 degree angle

- Adjustable height fits  aquariums as shallow as 12 inch

- 1/2inch (12mm) frag slots, fit most frag plugs, better than fixed frag holes

- Holds up to 84 small 3/4inch frag plugs

- Thumb knob bolts for easy 5 minutes assembly.

- Lifetime customer support for all Reefing Art Products



Dimension :

            Height: Adjustable from  11.5" - 12.5"

            Width: 11"

            Depth: 2.5"

Frag Rack: Total 3pcs, comes with front baffle to secure frag discs without a base foot.  1/2" (12mm )frag slots fit most brands frag plugs.

Hangers: Adjustable from 1/4" to 1.5" fit most rimless and rimmed aquariums

Side panel:  Total 7 sets rack holes. Adjustable height of each rack and space between two racks.



Frag rack only, frag plugs not included. Ceramic frag plugs shown in pictures are for display purpose.